Zeolites in Insulated Glass: Healthier Living Spaces and Reducing Energy Costs

Zeolites in Insulated Glass: Healthier Living Spaces and Reducing Energy Costs

Zeolites in insulated glass

When you look through your windows at your home or office each day, you probably don’t realize the key role adsorption plays in modern window technology. Pay attention the next time you look through the glass and notice that between the double or triple-pane there is either a flat metal bar or a rubber-strip. These items are called spacers. The spacer is more than just a piece of silicone or urethane to seal the window panes or a bar to separate the panes, they actually contain adsorbent material. The materials used in the silicone or urethane strips utilize desiccant powders. Zeochem Purmol powder is a leader in the desiccant powder market and is found in urethane or silicone spacers.

Purmol powder in the spacer serves many functions in window technology. Purmol powder captures moisture, which would cause unwanted side-reactions during the manufacturing process of the flexible seal itself. This reduces manufacturing costs by increasing efficiency and reducing scrap.

After the spacer is applied to the window, the desiccant in the seal continues to capture moisture between the glass panes preventing fogging, keeping your view crystal clear. The seal also keeps the high-value noble gases such as argon or krypton between the panes from leaking out, which helps the insulative properties of the window.

The spacer also has a hygienic purpose as it prevents exterior moisture buildup that can cause mold and degrade the exterior window seal. This is done by keeping the contact points warmer where the spacer meets the glass and is called a “warm-edge.” To further explain “warm-edge,” imagine having an ice-cold beverage on a hot, humid summer day. The cold glass allows for moisture from the air to collect on the surface. If the glass were warmer, this would be prevented. The same concept holds true in insulated glass technology, but the moisture can be devastating to the integrity of the window. A good seal extends the life of the windows and promotes healthier indoor environments.

Purmol powder loaded warm-edge spacer technology is an improvement on traditional steel or aluminum spacers, which have colder contact points between the spacer and the glass. The colder edge allows for more condensation to build up along the edges and surface of the glass, which can cause negative effects such as fogging, mold, and degradation.

The spacer expands and contracts with the window glass. In warmer weather, the spacer allows for expansion, and in colder weather contraction. Flexibility ensures the sealant used isn’t compromised and will remain in contact with the glass in all conditions to prevent leakage of the fill gas.

Zeochem’s technical experts work diligently with the leaders in the rapidly growing insulated glass industry to support and bolster their technology and manufacturing processes. Insulated glass technology goes a long way in keeping energy costs down and providing healthy living and workspaces, and Zeochem is proud to be a key supplier. If you are interested in incorporating Purmol powder into your products and processes, reach out to us at info@zeochem.com!

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