Our Applications


Zeochem is a manufacturer of high-quality molecular sieve zeolites, chromatography gels and deuterium labeled compounds. With production facilities in Switzerland, the United States, China, and Bosnia and Herzegovina we are able to provide our customers with coordinated global support for all markets.

Zeochem plant

Our broad range of technical products has been developed for a wide range of applications. Our sales engineers are well-versed in the specific properties and advantages of our product portfolio.

Zeochem’s technical service engineers and scientists have years of experience in applications of our products. Contact us for assistance in choosing the product for your specific needs.

Filter Applications

Ammonia & Syngas

Synthesis gas (syngas) contains various contaminants that require molecular sieves for their removal to very low levels. This ensures consistent, efficient and predictable performance over many years of plant operation in between shutdowns and turnarounds.


Major analytical techniques used in research and development, as well as in quality control and quality assurance are chromatography and NMR spectroscopy. Zeochem offers silica gel packing materials for various types of chromatography and deuterated substances for the NMR spectroscopy.


Zeochem's ZEOprep (irregular silica) and ZEObeads (microbeads) can play an important role as a pre-filtration step where ZEOsphere (spherical silica) is used for the final purification of biomolecules.


ZEOflair high silica zeolites can be used as a highly active adsorbent for the removal of residual reactants or undesired by-products in chemical reactions.

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers (CASE)

Zeochem manufactures Purmol powdered zeolite products for use in processes within the CASE industry.

Deuterated APIs

Replacement of hydrogen with deuterium at distinct sites of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) may alter the properties of a drug which may reduce or even eliminate negative side effects, undesired properties, or toxicity of the drug while maintaining its efficacy.


Deuterium gas is used in the manufacturing of silicon semiconductors and microchips. The application is based on printed circuit boards through a deuterium-protium exchange.


Zeochem’s ZEOflair adsorbents are commonly used, highly effective, organophilic zeolite molecular sieves for the removal of low-concentration volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from waste air and other gas streams for emission or odor abatement.

Ethanol Dehydration

When it comes to completely removing water from an ethanol solution, molecular sieves are the best choice.

Food & Beverage

Silica gels are used in chromatographic separations for analytical quality control of food as well as in the manufacturing of various food ingredients.

Health Science Diagnostics

Zeochem’s ZEOsphere HPLC phases have been widely used for years as an analytical method for sample separation in pharmaceutical quality control and life science research.

Industrial Drying

Water is a common interferent in many chemical reactions and industrial processes. Removal of water in these situations is vital for systems to properly operate consistently and continually.

Industrial Oxygen Generation

Industrial oxygen generation is a process of producing high-purity oxygen streams by forcing air through a synthetic zeolite, typically a modified aluminosilicate, under specific physical conditions.

Medical Oxygen Generation

As the global population’s respiratory ailments are diagnosed and treated, the need for oxygen-enriched air is on the rise.

Molecular Sieve Regeneration

Zeochem offers molecular sieve regeneration services to help customers preserve their investment and the environment by recycling deactivated molecular sieve and restoring it to the original activated quality.

Natural Gas Processing & Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Cryogenic natural gas processing plants, liquefied natural gas plants (LNG) and fractionation plants depend upon molecular sieves to remove water and other contaminants.

Natural Products

ZEOprep, ZEObeads and ZEOsphere offer excellent Normal-Phase, Reversed-Phase, Continous Chromatography (e.g. SMB) and SFC solutions for natural compounds.


Petrochemical plants utilize molecular sieves for drying and removing impurities from a variety of hydrocarbon streams.

PSA Hydrogen Purification

Hydrogen pressure swing adsorption, H2 PSA, is a process of purification to form ultra-pure hydrogen gas from a variety of gas production methods. This process is accomplished through the utilization of selective and high capacity molecular sieves.

Purification of APIs

Zeochem’s preparative chromatography phases are widely used as a purification media for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to maximize the purity, recovery (yield) and throughput.


Refineries use molecular sieve units to treat various gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams requiring purification in order to meet product specifications, prevent equipment corrosion and damage, protect catalyst units, and to prevent freezing in the plant.

Solvent Drying & Treating

Zeochem molecular sieves are utilized for removal of various impurities, that may be found in various hydrocarbon solvents, to meet product and customer specifications requirements.