Medical Oxygen Generation

Medical Oxygen Generation

As the global population’s respiratory ailments are diagnosed and treated, the need for oxygen-enriched air is on the rise. Many companies are designing and manufacturing medical oxygen concentrators using Zeochem’s high-performance ZEOX molecular sieve products, giving medical professionals the ability to provide their patients with required respiratory care. Our commitment to develop and produce the highest-quality molecular sieves for medical oxygen is unmatched within the industry.

ZEOX Molecular Sieves for Medical Oxygen Generation

ZEOX molecular sieves adsorb nitrogen from the air in pressure swing adsorption (PSA) processes while allowing the oxygen to pass through the system. This purified oxygen is delivered to the patient in a medical oxygen concentrator to fulfill the patient’s respiratory needs by providing more oxygen for the body. Through the PSA process, medical oxygen concentrators purify the air and concentrate the oxygen level to greater than 90%.

The superior selectivity for the adsorption of nitrogen over oxygen is present in all ZEOX products. Our ZEOX line consists of the highest nitrogen-loading-capacity molecular sieves on the market, which are used in the lightest and most advanced portable oxygen concentrator (POC) designs. ZEOX products are also used in many stationary personal oxygen concentrator designs.

With several different grades of products to choose from, it is important for device manufacturers to select the right sieves for their PSA designs. Our ZEOX sieves offer maximum versatility and performance, giving medical oxygen concentrator manufacturers the ability to tune their PSA design parameters to maximize desired oxygen concentrator performance characteristics.

We have a dedicated R&D staff focused on producing the next generation of ZEOX molecular sieves to further advance the medical oxygen market. Our technical staff works closely with design engineering teams and adsorption researchers to assist in the design, production and overall quality of medical oxygen concentrators.


All medical oxygen concentrators on the market today use a process called pressure swing adsorption (PSA), which is a dynamic process using columns, or beds, of molecular sieves to take air from the surroundings and separate the oxygen from other gaseous components like nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. This purified oxygen stream is sent to an internal accumulation tank, where it is fed to patients via cannulas worn on the face. Patients can adjust output to the desired flow setting prescribed by their health care providers.

Stationary oxygen concentrators are typically designed to deliver up to five liters per minute of approximately 90–95% pure oxygen to the user and can be used in home care settings. Higher flow concentrators can deliver up to 10 liters per minute of oxygen for patients with more aggressive respiratory needs. Stationary concentrators are devices that are plugged into an electrical outlet and are designed to stay in a patient’s room.

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are devices that can be used by respiratory patients who are ambulatory and desire to lead a more active lifestyle without using compressed gas cylinders. POCs function in the same way as stationary oxygen concentrators, except they are battery-powered and typically deliver oxygen in the form of a pulse dose which only outputs oxygen when the patient inhales, as opposed to a continuous flow of oxygen. POCs are lighter in weight and are carried like a satchel or in a backpack case. They can also be wheeled on a cart with a handle like a piece of luggage. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved many designs for air travel.

Zeochem is proud to be a part of this very important growing industry and to support our clients with innovative solutions aiding in the design and manufacture of medical oxygen concentrators. For over 15 years, we have worked closely with research, design and operations engineers to enable device manufacturers to solve technical challenges in every step of their processes. Our ZEOX molecular sieves are a critical component used in the manufacturing of many portable and stationary medical oxygen concentrators in the global market.

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Custom Solutions

With patient convenience in mind, many new POCs are being designed to be smaller and quieter. POC miniaturization is only possible by advancements in molecular sieve technology, giving the device manufacturers better sieves to use in their concentrators. Zeochem’s continual research and development efforts have generated patented ZEOX molecular sieve technologies that give concentrator device manufacturers the ability to create smaller, higher-performing and more power-efficient concentrators, providing respiratory patients a better quality of life.

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Products similar to Zeochem’s ZEOX sieves include our line of Lithium X, Calcium X and Sodium X sieves used in the separation of oxygen and nitrogen as well as for pre-treatment in related air purification technologies.

Calcium X

Calcium X (CaX) and Calcium LSX (CaLSX) molecular sieves are the calcium-exchanged forms of the 13X and LSX type zeolites.

Lithium X

Zeochem's lithium molecular sieves exhibit the perfect balance of extraordinary nitrogen capacity, superior selectivity, rapid kinetics and incredible physical strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stored sealed in factory packaging until ready for use. It is recommended to handle the material in a climate-controlled environment, ideally with lowest %rH possible to reduce the moisture pickup from the ambient air. Sieve is a powerful desiccant and will quickly adsorb water from the air, and so minimizing exposure during sieve bed loading is crucial to minimize N2 capacity loss and thus maximize performance in O2 concentrators.

This depends on the type and size of oxygen concentrator, whether it is an existing design or new development, and other factors relating to the pressure swing adsorption design parameters. Zeochem’s technical sales team will be happy to assist with product selection to suit your particular needs.

Yes, we do have a range of products suited for use in Biogas upgrading

Yes, we can, but we prefer and always recommend to use FCA, CFR/CIF and DAP incoterms for smoother and more cost effective deliveries; Zeochem can help with freight organization.

Yes, Zeochem can regenerate used molecular sieve. Contact Zeochem to discuss a tailored-solution for your application.

Shelf life of an unopened drum, properly stored, is warranted for 5 years.In practice it can remain fresh indefinitely as long as the drum remains sealed and properly stored. The sieve is chemically stable, and does not break down over time in storage. Once a drum is opened, the material should be consumed quickly. If a partial drum needs to be stored for later use, it is recommended to close the bag.