Deuterium Labeled Compounds

Since the 1970s, Zeochem has manufactured deuterated compounds used as solvents in NMR spectroscopy and as building blocks in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as for the production of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

In March 2018, Zeochem acquired the assets from the Swiss company Armar AG (ARMAR Isotopes). Armar was founded in 1986 and had long-term cooperation with Zeochem in the production of deuterated compounds.

In 2018, we moved the production site of all deuterium labeled compounds to the most modern and well-equipped production plant in Rüti, Switzerland. Our isotopes are marketed under the brand name ZEOtope.

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deuterated compounds

Custom Solutions

The physical properties of Deuterium and Deuterium Labeled Compounds can exhibit significant kinetic isotope effects and other physical and chemical property differences from the hydrogen analogs. This fact will be used in different applications of Deuterium.

Our product portfolio covers more than 100 different products which can be procured as “products only” on a small scale for the use in NMR Analytics or large scale for stabilization of organic compounds used in OLEDs.

Furthermore, we offer our deuterated products together with a full set of documentation for use as key raw materials in the highly regulated API industry. For compound inquiries which are not part of our existing product portfolio, we evaluate possible synthesis routes and offer feasibility studies for ROS development of new deuterated compounds.

Deuterated Reagents for APIs

Zeochem offers a large selection of deuterated reagents, which are used in the field of deuterium labeled APIs, also known as deuterated drugs. Our production capacity allows us to support customer projects from R&D through clinical phases to market introduction.

A deuterated API is a small molecule-active substance in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by its heavier isotope deuterium. Because of the kinetic isotope effect, the drugs may have significantly lower rates of metabolism and a longer half-life. Based on those facts, the benefit can be smaller or fewer dosages and reduced side effects.

As an independent company, not owned by any pharmaceutical firm, we are the perfect partner for your projects.

Deuterated Reagents for OLEDs

Zeochem offers a large selection of deuterated reagents, which are used in the field of deuterium labeled organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Our production capacity allows them to support customer projects from research & development to market introduction and beyond.

The focus for deuterium labeled OLEDs is on blue color molecules, which is the most delicate component in this technology. A deuterated labeled OLED is a small molecule OLED, also known as SMOLED with a molecular weight < 1000, in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by their heavier isotope deuterium. Depending on the molecule, there’s a partial selective replacement with deuterium synthesis or a nonselective hydrogen/deuterium exchange which is necessary. Because the isotope effect results in stronger bonds, the molecules may have a significantly longer lifetime and a brilliant deep blue color.

As an independent company not owned by any electronics company, we are the perfect partner for your projects.

Deuterium Gas

Zeochem offers Deuterium Gas, which is used in the fields of semiconducters, fiber optics, physic and synthesis of deuterium labeled compounds.

This product is available in customized gas cylinders with a pressure up to 200 bar. Our portfolio contains a quality (isotopic enrichment) of 99.8 atom%D and 99.98 atom%D.

Our decades of experience in producing and selling deuterium gas in customized quantities make us a perfect partner for your projects.

Deuterium Used as Tracer or Marker

Zeochem offers deuterium oxide in different isotopic qualities which are used in the tracer and marker fields. The product is available in small or bulk quantities and in customized isotopic enrichment for the applications mentioned below. Deuterium, in the form of deuterium oxide, is the lowest-priced isotope for running stable isotope analytics. Other isotopes, such as 15N, 13C, 18O and 33S, are much more expensive and not available in large quantities. Deuterium oxide is also a harmless chemical, and its hydrological applications cause no environmental hazards.

Tracer or Marker in the Food and Beverage Industry

Deuterium oxide is used for analytical re-traceability systems. In this case, the analytical traceability tests are carried out by highly sensitive mass spectroscopy.

Tracer or Marker in Agriculture Research

Deuterium oxide is used in environmental studies to determine the effect animals have on the environment through the food chain. These studies can be accomplished by studying isotopic concentrations in the soil.

Tracer or Marker in Hydrology Research

Deuterium oxide is used in groundwater hydrology by injection into the water table, which gives direct insight into the movement and distribution of groundwater. Further applications include geological research, wastewater mapping and monitoring of hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking in the oil industry.

NMR Solvents

Zeochem offers a broad range of NMR solvents and deuterium labeled products for routine analytics and research & development. The main application is for use in NMR spectroscopy.

Our product range covers the daily requirements of NMR end users and research staff. The products are pre-packed in standard packaging, with options for custom packaging and bulk packaging.

All products are Swiss made and produced at our modern production plant in Rüti, Switzerland. The products are analyzed and certified by our state-of-the-art quality control lab. We use general test methods in addition to proprietary test procedures specific to your applications to ensure our products meet or exceed your performance standards.

All products are listed in our ZEOtope product brochure. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are missing any product in our standard offering or to locate one of our distributors throughout the globe.

Zeochem AG is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Frequently Asked Questions

Heavy water is a valuable material and should not be disposed. You can return your depleted heavy water to Zeochem. Please contact us at for more information.

Zeochemproduces deuterium-labelled compounds. The enrichment is shown in percentage D (Deuterium). Chemical purity refers to the content of a particular substances. For NMR solvents, it is usually tested by GC in area percentage.

Where does water show up in NMR?

We recommend the use of glass ampoules. Each ampoule is sealed and inspected visually. We have ampoules in boxes of 10 with 0.5mL, 0.6mL, 0.75mL each available.

DMSO-d6, Chloroform-D and Methanol-d4 are the most used solvents for NMR applications due to its wide range of solvent constraints as well as its simple spectrum and high boiling point.

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To protect yourself from injury, use the new ZEOtope ampoule opener when an ampoule exposes a sharp edge or shatters while being opened.