Molecular Sieve Regeneration

Molecular Sieve Regeneration Services

The economics of the lithium market and the technology involved in the production of lithium molecular sieves make those sieves valuable components in industrial gas vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA). In some cases, a molecular sieve accounts for 30–40% of the cost in a VPSA design, and that type of investment makes the material a crucial part of the financial planning for every business.

We help customers protect this financial investment by offering the regeneration of molecular sieves service for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new material. We have developed technology to regenerate lithium molecular sieves to their original capacity without damaging the zeolite or physical properties.

Molecular sieve regeneration is a process in which a wet or deactivated sieve is restored to its original working capacity so that it can be placed into existing or new applications. First, customers provide us a sample of a deactivated molecular sieve. We then analyze the material to ensure that the zeolite is not damaged and the physical integrity remains. At that point we provide an estimate for regeneration services, physical properties and yield. Once the material is shipped to Zeochem, our production specialists, engineers and chemists work to restore the molecular sieve to its original capacity. The regenerated sieve is then sent back to the customer for use in current or new systems and applications.

molecular sieve regeneration

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