Quality Systems

Quality System

At Zeochem, we are committed to providing quality products and services. We achieve this by promoting an empowered and responsive, quality-driven culture with the active engagement of all individuals, including top management. It is important all employees are empowered, understand their responsibility and take action to serve our customers and protect our reputation as a consistent and reliable supplier.


Quality Policy

Zeochem is committed to continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our customers. These topics are the focus of all management activities globally and provide the foundation for all aspects of Zeochem business.

Empowered Employees

Zeochem employees are empowered to take action where they see opportunity for improvement. For example, we support the Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) globally, which awards individuals who submit improvement ideas.

Transparency With Customers

Working through problems and finding the right product and service solutions can be daunting tasks. Our team is here to share our decades of experience, knowledge and expertise to make the process easier and help you reach the best decision possible for your needs. We value open dialogue and an honest exchange of information.

R&D Research and Development

“Being a part of Zeochem team has provided me with the opportunity to apply and expand my knowledge of chemistry while working in the quality control lab. My career path at Zeochem has developed into a position that is challenging and exciting. I appreciate the mentorship that has been given to me and allowed me to grow as a chemist within the company.”

—Tiffanie Wright, QC Chemist
Quality Systems

Our Products

All finished products are analyzed and certified against specifications by our quality control lab, which is independent of the manufacturing operation. We use test methods according to international norms and have also developed proprietary test procedures specific to your applications to ensure our products give the expected performance.

We are in compliance with the standard of international quality system boards (ISO 9001) and with those of scores of critical customers in demanding industries.

molecular sieve regeneration

Custom Solutions

Zeochem's technical service team, engineers and chemists have decades of experience and are here to answer questions, troubleshoot and find solutions to your most challenging problems. Our experts can guide you through product selection and provide you with application-specific technical advice.

deuterated compounds


Investing in personal and professional development is one way our management team is committed to the success of Zeochem’s most valuable asset – its employees!