Chemistry. Pure. Efficient.

Daily Life

  • Reducing energy costs and providing healthier living and working spaces
  • Helping people breathe better during the pandemic with our ZEOX line of molecular sieves
  • Minimizing our ecological impact by reducing carbon emissions by 30%

Products &

Products and Applications

Our Products

All finished products are analyzed and certified against specifications by our quality control lab, which is independent of the manufacturing operation.

Our Applications

Our broad range of technical products has been developed for a wide range of applications. Our technical team is well-versed in the specific properties and advantages of our product portfolio.

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Global Presence

We have seven locations in five countries of the world. Get familiar with where we are located and how to best get in touch with us.

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Custom Solutions

Zeochem’s technical service experts and their decades of experience can guide you through product selection and provide application-specific technical advice. Our experienced team and quality products will help you run reliably, efficiently and predictably.

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Research & Development

Since its founding, Zeochem has been at the leading edge of technology. Our R&D teams focus on new product development, existing product improvement and understanding how our products are used in your applications.

Chemistry. Pure. Efficient.

Learn more about how you experience Zeochem in your daily life.

Zeochem Daily Life
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Why Zeochem?

Zeochem is a quality-oriented Swiss company with locations throughout the world. We strive to provide excellent, responsive service, consistent and high-quality products and the expertise to help you find product and service solutions.