Zeochem Zeolites Benefit Your Everyday Life – even COVID

Zeochem Zeolites Benefit Your Everyday Life – even COVID

zeochem zeolites benefit everyday life even covid

While COVID-19 is prevalent in most people’s minds these days, one does not immediately then think of zeolites. However, you may be surprised that Zeochem’s zeolites and other items you use every day are more intricately linked than you think and are used to benefit your daily life. One of the most common uses of zeolites is for dehydration. Zeochem’s molecular sieves are used in numerous applications to trap moisture during operation that could cause failure either before or throughout the use of the product.

Zeochem’s adsorbents are often used with medical applications, such as medicinal packaging. The molecular sieve traps moisture during packaging, transport, and while in storage before use, so that water does not negatively affect the medicine or test. For COVID-19, a new test has been developed in Europe and is being used in doctor offices, hospitals, health centers, and laboratories. It offers the potential to rapidly diagnose the virus, which helps to quickly identify positive cases so the patient can isolate and limit the spread of the virus. This new test is being shipped using Zeochem’s 4A molecular sieve to ensure that the organic reagents stay moisture-free. This guarantees the accuracy of the test results, which is most important during these stressful times.

Another medical use for adsorbents is in medical oxygen concentrators using Zeochem’s high-performance ZEOX line of molecular sieves. These units produce oxygen-enriched air needed for respiratory ailments. These respiratory conditions are on the rise due to COVID-19 and the increasing global aging population that has an elevated propensity for chronic respiratory illnesses, which puts medical oxygen concentrator units in higher demand.

There are many other more common applications that most take for granted each day. Just look around you right now. Most likely, you can see at least one or two applications that use zeolites, such as windows. Zeochem’s Purmol powder is used in dual-pane windows to adsorb moisture and prevent fogging, mold prevention, and provide an energy-efficient living environment. This helps keep your windows clearer longer than those without zeolite. Another use is with floorings, such as luxury vinyl tile, adhesive for hardwood floors, and coatings in gymnasium floors. Zeochem’s adsorbents are used to either scavenge water in the air that could react and form bubbles or limit CO2 bubbles, depending on the flooring application.

Other items you might have noticed that you heavily rely on while you are sheltered-in-place are refrigerators and air conditioners. Zeochem zeolites are used in both of these appliances, whether in a home, grocery store, car, or truck. Zeochem’s 3A molecular sieves are used to ensure that no water enters the system causing freeze-ups due to damage of the compressor hardware.

For those that use public transportation, Zeochem’s 4A molecular sieves is used in air brake systems for trucks, buses, and trains. The molecular sieve is contained in cartridges that protect the system against pollution and damage by water and oil residues, which can cause failure to the braking system. Also utilized in trucks, buses, and cars is Zeochem’s Purmol powder, which is used in the manufacture of dashboards.

As you go about your daily life, remember that Zeochem helps your everyday items work better, whether it be your refrigerator, your car’s A/C system, vitamins staying fresher, or your COVID-19 test being as accurate as possible.

In summary, Zeochem is responsive to your needs by offering innovative solutions using consistent adsorbents to ensure your systems or products continue to operate efficiently.

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