Zeochem Reduces Carbon Emissions

Zeochem Reduces Carbon Emissions

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Over the past five years, even with an increase in production volumes, the Zeochem Group has reduced COemissions by 30% thanks to numerous initiatives.

Economical use of resources and energy is a top priority at Zeochem. We try hard to minimize the ecological impact of our production processes. In recent years, Zeochem’s global production sites have replaced oil and coal with more environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources.

The relocation of molecular sieve production from the obsolete facilities in Uetikon, Switzerland, to the new state-of-the-art facilities in China, was accompanied by a significant increase in productivity. The production volumes of molecular sieves increased by 56% over the last five years, and during this same period, Zeochem’s CO2 emissions decreased by 30%.

Numerous initiatives have been launched to utilize recycled materials in the production process. For example, our production site in Louisville, KY has put programs in place to reduce overall plant effluent by 10%. This reduction will allow more efficient use of resources and reduces our carbon footprint.

Our customers are increasingly focusing on the recycling of spent molecular sieves as an alternative to disposal in landfills. Zeochem offers the service of regenerating used molecular sieves for VPSA processes. In some cases, molecular sieve accounts for 30-40% of the cost in the cost of the plant. We help protect that financial investment by regenerating lithium molecular sieves to their original capacity without damaging the zeolite or physical properties.

In 2019, the Zeochem Group determined the carbon footprint of its products for the first time in order to be able to promote sustainable initiatives even more specifically in the future.

Further measures are also planned to protect the environment. For example, a new wastewater treatment plant will be built in China in 2021. This will exceed government standards in China.

Zeochem remains committed to reducing our global carbon footprint while continuing to provide our customers with high-quality, innovative products and solutions.

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