Medical Oxygen Generation – Zeochem and the COVID-19 Crisis

Medical Oxygen Generation – Zeochem and the COVID-19 Crisis

medical oxygen generation

The crisis around the COVID-19 virus has led to an increased need for respiratory care, therefore creating a global shortage of medical supplies. The novel virus attacks the lungs and often requires the use of mechanical ventilation and oxygen treatments to aid the patient. Our manufacturing plant produces high-quality molecular sieves, which are used in portable and stationary oxygen concentrators. Zeochem’s ZEOX product line is specifically designed to adsorb nitrogen from the air, which allows the concentrator to deliver high-purity oxygen to the patient.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, oxygen concentrators are being prescribed more often to keep patients out of hospitals. Oxygen concentrators are also being sent home with patients for ongoing respiratory care to free up much-needed hospital beds. Across the globe, hospitals are preparing for peak patient admissions and are scaling up on personal protective equipment (PPE) and oxygen concentrators. While many states in the U.S. are requesting these items from the federal stockpile, they are often diverted to hotspots like New York and New Jersey. Due to the desperate shortage, several states, including Kentucky, have reached out to the private sector who may be able to donate or manufacture various PPE supplies and oxygen concentrators.

Manufacturers of these oxygen concentrators have ramped up production to fill the growing demand. Additionally, automotive manufacturers are working to retool their lines to produce ventilators. Many of these ventilators also have oxygen concentrators connected to the unit. Zeochem has been working to provide support to optimize the concentrators using our high-performance ZEOX molecular sieve.

Our plants’ dedicated employees have been focused on manufacturing medical oxygen materials. We are operating around the clock to fulfill orders and build inventory. Our warehouse and quality control laboratory continue to work together to ensure materials meet specifications and can be shipped immediately. These employees are on the frontline of the virus and directly contribute to lifesaving oxygen concentrators during this pandemic. They are our heroes, and we are very proud to have a such a great team at Zeochem!

-Jennifer Rosenberg

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