In-Depth Look – Purmol

In-Depth Look – Purmol


Purmol is the trade name for Zeochem’s line of synthetic zeolite molecular sieve powders. Like other molecular sieves, it selectively adsorbs small polar molecules while excluding others, which makes it a useful addition in many products. We have manufactured Purmol molecular sieve powders for many years, and through that time they have seen a wide variety of uses. Let’s check out some of the applications our customers have found for Purmol powders…

If you ever watch professional sports, chances are good you have seen a game played on artificial turfArtificial turf has been around since 1965. It consists of grassy look-alike polymer fibers woven into a mat with other backing layers. After its first well-known use in the Houston Astrodome, artificial turf use expanded. It is seen more and more in professional sports, schools and residential properties, especially ones in drought-stricken regions of the country such as California. Purmol molecular sieves are used in turf grass manufacturing to control moisture adsorption in the adhesive backing that keeps the turf secured to an underlying surface. Compared to grass, artificial turf saves on water usage, fuel usage from mowing and weed-killer usage – all positives for the environment.

Another outdoor sports application for Purmol adsorbents is outdoor running tracks. The rubber used in these surfaces requires desiccant to be made, and Purmol powder is an excellent desiccant for the job! So, next time you go for a run around a track, know that you could be sprinting on rubber made with Purmol powder.

Indoors, there are several uses for Purmol adsorbents in flooring applications. There are plenty of consumers who are switching from carpeting to hard-surfaced alternatives. Reasons range from consumers’ changing tastes to more practical reasons like durability and mess resistance. For hardwood flooring, the wood planks require a specially formulated adhesive to be securely installed. Purmol adsorbents are used in these adhesives to limit CO2 bubbles, which would degrade the adhesive’s ability to bond surfaces together. In addition, other newer flooring options, like luxury vinyl tile, can incorporate Purmol powder to adsorb moisture in urethane layers. Besides wood floors, Purmol adsorbents can also be found in basements and sealed garage floors. Flooring installers using a polyurethane-based technology may require Purmol adsorbents to scavenge water out of the air to prevent water from reacting with the coating, ruining it with bubbles.

On the road, you may encounter products manufactured with Purmol powder and not even realize it. Whether you are cruising down the highway in lanes marked by white and yellow lines or walking through a crosswalk, you could be walking or driving right over Purmol powder. Purmol adsorbents are used in some high-quality traffic paints which need to be applied in various weather conditions and regions of the country. Adding Purmol powder to these coatings allows for a paint that is unaffected by humidity as it dries on pavement.

These are just a handful of the countless applications for Purmol adsorbents. If you have any questions about this product or its applications, please contact us. One of our experienced industry professionals will help you with your Purmol adsorbent needs.

-Alex Hawkins

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