Breathe Better During the Pandemic with the Help of Zeochem

Breathe Better During the Pandemic with the Help of Zeochem

breathe better during the pandemic with help from zeochem

Take a deep breath. Most people take this ability for granted. However, some can’t breathe easily due to respiratory illnesses. The projected global population of 60+ years old is growing at the highest rate compared to all other age groups. With more and more people entering this age demographic, respiratory ailment diagnoses and treatments are on the rise, especially related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and asthma. Another affliction that has become a major contributor to respiratory illness, that no one predicted as an issue even just a year ago, is COVID-19.

Oxygen-enriched air is one of the most common treatments for these respiratory illnesses and one way to produce this type of air is with medical oxygen concentrators. These units concentrate the oxygen from ambient air by removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched gas. Zeochem’s ZEOX™ line of molecular sieve adsorbents is specifically researched, designed and manufactured for medical oxygen concentrators to adsorb the nitrogen from the air.

Over the past six months, mainly due to the respiratory issues from the Coronavirus, demand for medical oxygen has increased substantially. Oxygen therapy is a basic form of treatment for hospitalized Coronavirus patients with low levels of oxygen in their blood. By providing high-purity oxygen to patients, it can raise their blood oxygen levels.

Many countries are having difficulties obtaining medical oxygen concentrators since demand is outpacing supply, according to WHO (World Health Organization) reports in June. While hospitals provide the oxygen needed for COVID-19 related illnesses, this is not a long-term option. Hospitals can become overcrowded, required care and equipment can be scarce, and there is concern about spreading the virus in hospital close quarters. Discharged patients recovering at home are prescribed concentrated oxygen, which helps them recover effectively and frees up vital hospital capacity. Additionally, the personal oxygen concentrator option is ideal during this pandemic, especially during stay-at-home orders. The source of oxygen is limitless compared to the oxygen tank delivery model, where delivery drivers have to make regular contact with patients.

Zeochem’s flagship product, ZEOX Z12-07, has been widely used across the industry for over 15 years. With millions of kilograms in use, it continually provides a high level of cost-performance for the at-home stationary market. For more demanding applications, Zeochem offers an advanced adsorbent, ZEOX Z12-49, which can provide an economical solution for both portable and challenging high-flow systems.

Zeochem has leveraged its unrivaled manufacturing technology to help equipment providers respond to the unprecedented global pandemic and increased demand for oxygen generation. Zeochem values its employee’s safety and has worked diligently to provide a safe work environment. It remains committed to providing the necessary products to support the oxygen therapies needed to defeat the global pandemic. During this ongoing fight against COVID-19, Zeochem continues to develop new high-performance products to meet current and future demands for better, more efficient oxygen concentrators.

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