ZEOflair 800/810

ZEOflair 800/810

ZEOflair 800/810 is a highly active, hydrophobic adsorbent with high thermal stability for the removal of undesirable odors and flavors. Due to its three-dimensional open structure, ZEOflair 800/810 also effectively removes larger odor molecules, such as aromatics.

These special adsorbent systems can easily be incorporated as additives to existing master batch formulations.

ZEOflair 800/810 is strongly selective for the adsorption of a wide range of VOCs/odors from the air, based on organic compositions.

This product can effectively adsorb a range of hydrocarbons, solvents and toxic organic compounds down to ppm levels, even in the presence of water.

Potential uses for ZEOflair 800/810 include eliminating odors in personal care, coating, adhesive, paper, ink and polymeric applications.

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