Purmol Zeolite Powder

Purmol Zeolite Powder

Purmol molecular sieve zeolite powder is an excellent moisture scavenger for polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Purmol adsorbents are synthetic zeolites in powder form with a complex alkali aluminosilicate structure. This structure is very open and contains pores of a regular and precisely defined size. This allows Purmol powder to adsorb molecules selectively based on molecular size and polarity. In practice, Purmol powder adsorbs water, but not solvents, resins or pigments.

Purmol molecular sieve zeolite powder has a wide variety of applications. While many current applications are based on polyurethane and other plastics, it can be used in numerous formulations where selective adsorption of small polar molecules is required within a liquid or solid medium. The fine particle size of Purmol powder ensures intimate mixing and excellent dispersion.

3A Purmol Powder

Potassium (K) form of the type A zeolite with a pore size of 3 angstroms. Recommended for use where co-adsorption of molecules other than water may be of concern.

4A Purmol Powder

Sodium (Na) form of the type A zeolite with a pore size of 4 angstroms. Combines high adsorption capacity for water and is characterized by a lower pH value.

5A Purmol Powder

Calcium (Ca) form of the type A zeolite with a pore size of 5 angstroms, allowing for adsorption of larger molecules with a critical diameter of less than 5 angstroms.

3A Purmol Paste

A 50%-by-weight dispersion of 3A Purmol powder in castor oil. Recommended for polyurethane systems where a faster incorporation of the Purmol powder is desired.

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