Lithium X

Lithium X

Zeochem’s line of lithium molecular sieves offers proven performance, as exhibited by the millions of pounds used in air separation across the globe. We use our patented technology to create a portfolio of lithium molecular sieves for both industrial gas and medical oxygen applications. Our products have exceptional nitrogen capacity, extraordinary kinetics and superior selectivity to yield high-purity oxygen streams from the air. The patented binding system provides unrivaled physical characteristics, such as outstanding mechanical strength and durability.

Zeochem industrial gas molecular sieves have a proven track record with thousands of tons installed in vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) oxygen processes across the globe. Due to their superior selectivity, greater capacity and faster kinetics, one can achieve a high oxygen purity with lower power requirements and a smaller VPSA footprint.

Zeochem medical oxygen molecular sieves allow customers to produce oxygen-rich streams with purity exceeding 95% in stationary and portable oxygen concentrators (POCs). Our patented binding technologies offer a molecular sieve with lower density while exceeding expectations for capacity, selectivity, kinetics and mechanical durability.

Zeochem’s line of lithium molecular sieves encompasses the perfect balance of capacity, selectivity, kinetics and physical strength. Rather than singularly focusing on capacity, this unique approach allows us to manufacture a portfolio of lithium materials that excels in medical oxygen and industrial gas VPSA applications.

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