Calcium X

Calcium X

Calcium X (CaX) and Calcium LSX (CaLSX) are the calcium-exchanged forms of the 13X and LSX type zeolites. These molecular sieves have various applications throughout the process industry.

In the production of industrial oxygen, CaX and CaLSX sieves are used for direct oxygen concentration in VPSA oxygen plants. In addition, adsorbents are used in the front-end purification section of cryogenic oxygen plants to remove NOx and lighter hydrocarbons from the inlet air.

In the manufacturing of industrial hydrogen, CaX and CaLSX sieves are used as one of the adsorbent layers in hydrogen pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants, typically for CO adsorption.

CaX sieves have also been used in niche applications in the purification of CO2 for food applications.

Zeochem has an extensive portfolio of CaX and CaLSX type molecular sieves, each specifically designed to provide maximum performance in its specific applications.

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