Chromatography Gels – Irregular Shape

Manufactured for over 40 years and offered under the brand name ZEOprep, Zeochem’s irregular shape silica gel is one of the most widely used chromatography sorbents in the world. It is available as unbonded and bonded chromatography gel.

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Custom Solutions

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ZEOprep, ZEObeads and ZEOsphere excel in their efficiency to create the best filtration, separation and purification solutions for a large variety of compounds and/or industries.

ZEOprep 60 C18 / 40-63µm

Alkyl-bonded silica for reversed-phase chromatography is a robust and reliable packing material, widely used in industrial separations as well as in flash chromatography.

ZEOprep 60 C8 / 40–63µm

Alkyl-bonded silica with shorter chain length and slightly reduced hydrophobicity which is used in reversed-phase chromatography. The shorter alkyl length allows for better interaction between stationary phase and the target compound.

ZEOprep 60 CN / 40-63µm

Cyan-bonded silica is more polar than C18/8 bonding but is mostly used in reversed-phase chromatography for polar compounds and for a broader range of pH environment.

ZEOprep 60 Diol / 40-63µm

Diol-bonded silica, more polar than C18/C8 types. Used in reversed- as well as in normal-phase chromatography, it is the product of choice for acid-sensitive compounds.

ZEOprep 60 NH2 / 40-63µm

Amine-bonded silica is mostly used in normal-phase chromatography and serves as an efficient metal scavenger in batch applications, best for removing metals such as nickel.

ZEOprep 60 NH2P / 40–63µm

Primary, secondary amine-bonded silica and is more polar than C18/C8 phases. It is used in reversed-phase as well in normal-phase chromatography.

ZEOprep 60 SH / 40-63µm

Thiol-bonded silica most efficiently serves as a metal scavenger, but it is also used as a means to remove palladium in batch applications.

ZEOprep 90 C18 / 40-63µm

Alkyl-bonded silica with 90 angstrom pore size that has proved to be a robust packing material in particular for flash cartridges.

ZEOprep 90 C18 / 60-200µm

Alkyl-bonded silica with 90 angstrom pore size and a larger particle size distribution which provides a higher flow rate under low-pressure applications.