Deuterium Used as Tracer or Marker

Deuterium Used as Tracer or Marker

Zeochem offers deuterium oxide in different isotopic qualities which are used in the tracer and marker fields. The product is available in small or bulk quantities and in customized isotopic enrichment for the applications mentioned below. Deuterium, in the form of deuterium oxide, is the lowest-priced isotope for running stable isotope analytics. Other isotopes, such as 15N, 13C, 18O and 33S, are much more expensive and not available in large quantities. Deuterium oxide is also a harmless chemical, and its hydrological applications cause no environmental hazards.

Tracer or Marker in the Food and Beverage Industry

Deuterium oxide is used for analytical re-traceability systems. In this case, the analytical traceability tests are carried out by highly sensitive mass spectroscopy.

Tracer or Marker in Agriculture Research

Deuterium oxide is used in environmental studies to determine the effect animals have on the environment through the food chain. These studies can be accomplished by studying isotopic concentrations in the soil.

Tracer or Marker in Hydrology Research

Deuterium oxide is used in groundwater hydrology by injection into the water table, which gives direct insight into the movement and distribution of groundwater. Further applications include geological research, wastewater mapping and monitoring of hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking in the oil industry.

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